About Us

Lets face it, the world as we know it is constantly evolving and in no field more so than the digital one.
The newest trend in this dynamic field is Influencer Marketing.

Influencer Marketing?

Influencer marketing is a type of marketing that focuses on using key leaders to drive a brand’s message to the larger audience.

And where better to drive this brand message to than the worlds largest and fastest growing audience, social media.

Social Media stats in September 2017

2.2 Billion

Active Facebook Profiles

700 Million

Active Instagram Accounts

330 Million

Active Twitter Feeds

So what has this got to do with DigiX Management?

DigiX Management has created a market and developed an exchange value formula to enable brands and influencers to exchange digital value for products, services or cash.


Our innovative formula is designed to ensure that both the brand and the influencer gain maximum value from each exchange by evaluating the brands message and influencers audience demographic.

Brand Services

Access to our listed influencers
Influencer match making with our innovative formula
Digital marketing directly to your brands identified audience
Management of the exchange to ensure the digital value is optimized
Detailed reports after each exchange

Influencer Services

Access to services and products offered by our listed brands
Up to full value exchange on hotel and service places stays listed with us
Up to full value exchange on goods and services from brands listed with us
Social Media Content (we all run out of content ideas from time to time)

Our Clients


Influencers We Have Worked With

Our Team

We consist of a team of hospitality and marketing specialist looking to streamline the management of digital exchange.


Robyn Capendale


Tracey-Lee Victor


Mu-eed Petersen